Ben Bergevin-Smith

Benjamin Bergevin-Smith is an interdisciplinary artist that lives and works in Chicago, IL. He recently received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

“This performance took place on the corner of Greenview and Blackhawk In Chicago IL during the hight of a schoolday and rush hour trafic. The duration of the performance was dictated by the time it took me to cross all four cardinal plains of the intersection. To cross the street I walked across two identical pine planks, each with a partial stained finish. On the souls of my boots, 5 grit sand paper was adhered to permanently traced the friction of my movements. In progressing forward from one corner to the next, I lifted the previous plank from the ground, the plank in hand I’d walk across the grounded twin setting the other infront so to step forward repeating this process multiple times. After walking all four sides of the intersection, I finished the planks with a bees wax oil, sealing the marks made by my boots forever into their surfaces.”

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