Other Investigations: Clare Rosean

Clare Rosean, previously posted in June, sent us a new finished piece and a sketch along with some insight into her practice.

On medium and materials:

My preferred medium is oil painting, but I have been doing less of that since I entered graduate school because it is so time consuming; if I were to dedicate myself wholly to painting, I would only produce probably 3-4 paintings per year.  Ballpoint pen was another favorite, but it is not archival so I’ve sort of given that up.  Right now I’m working a lot in graphite and ink.  I’m not a big fan of ink or watercolor, but I’m trying to like them.

On process and collecting:

I don’t physically collect anything; I have a feeling or situation that I want to describe, and I do my best to put that into visual language.   In order to do that, I pull from my mental collection, but I normally don’t go looking for images.

I don’t like to work on two things at once, but I have to, so I do.  Traditionally I have one slow oil painting that I am working on, and then a drawing, which doesn’t take me as long.  Up until fairly recently, I never made sketches, but I have begun to do so in the past year, and they sort of coexist with the more finished work.

On researching:

I like to look at Bosch, Van Eyck, Grunewald.  Also, Chinese landscape painting and some Japanese prints… Children’s books illustrations, Dr. Seuss may be my favorite illustrator.  I like anything whimsical and detailed, but mostly I just study the images because I enjoy it.

On space and site:

Space doesn’t mean that much to me.  I don’t require a lot of space to make my work; I just need a well-ventilated room or porch to execute my oil paintings, so that I don’t pass out from the fumes.  My drawings are relatively small, so I can pretty much do them anywhere; I just need a table and chair.

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