Other Investigations: Aimee Lusty

Aimee Lusty is curator and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She was previously featured on Make Space back in February. Currently, she has curated an exhibition at Booklyn Art Gallery, which is still up (more info at the bottom). Learn more about her process.

On materials and medium:

I have trouble sticking to one medium (or two), even in one drawing. I generally adhere to using ink, graphite, acrylic, gouache and watercolor. I don’t have any formal visual arts training and I think that shows up in my choice of materials. I feel each new element or object I draw needs its own specific medium to interpret it correctly onto paper, so more often than not there will be multi-mediums and drawing styles within one finished piece.

On process and collecting:

I am constantly sketching, cutting out imagery from books, and photocopying objects that inspire me. I don’t always end up using these right away but sometimes they’ll show up in a later work. My edition work (zines and books) are compiled of collections of my own drawings and collages. I like the idea that it comes around full circle and the work ends back in print where the sources were initially borrowed from.

I am usually working on more than one piece at a time, I’ll have 4 or 5 smaller “short-term” drawings in progress then two or three larger more complex works that will take months to finish. I’ll put things away and forget about them, then later leaf through the flat files and find something I haven’t worked on in a while and come up with a solution to finish it. It’s always a progression though I feel my style changes from month to month.

On space and site:

I am most definitely influenced by my geographical location and direct surroundings. A lot of my “landscape” work reflects places I’ve been or places I wish to go. I’ll create imagery based on geographical elements I feel strongly attracted to, including the ocean, mountains and space. While those drawings aren’t direct representations, I am also constantly sketching and drawing detailed interiors of my living space.

On research:

Some of my favorite artists include Philip Guston, Willem de Kooning, Vito Acconci, although I don’t directly see their influence in my own work. I am most heavily influenced by the work of my peers, especially the work of Milano Chow, Jon Bocksel, and Scott Meyers. I feel like they’re making a lot more complex and technically skilled work than I see in a lot of contemporary galleries, which has lead me to start curating and constantly seeking out hidden talents.

A lot of my recent creative energy is focused on curating a new series of programming at Booklyn Artist Alliance in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. I’m working on a series of shows dedicated to providing self-publishing artists, who generally share their work through printed matter and other ephemeral media, with a platform for exhibition, experimentation and exploration outside of the printed format. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really incredible artists, all of whom inspire and motivate my own creative process.

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