Emily Kozik

Emily Kozik, based in Chicago, IL discusses her work:

“My most recent body of work has taken the form of sculptural interventions that are left out in the environment. They are handmade objects inserted in both natural and manmade landscapes, appearing to be typical of the location, but at second glance, are clearly out of place. These objects exist in two different forms: the first as objects left in public spaces, available to be found by anyone, like Pale Facsimile. The second, as seen with ashland ave, chicago and burren way, ireland,are as obscurely placed installations that one could stumble upon, but also exist as postcards with vague directions to the location for those who hope to seek out the work intentionally. Both veins of this body of work are still developing, but I hope that by placing work outside of the gallery, the everyday person will become more aware of how they experience the world around them.”

Check her previous post from June here

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