Review: BLUE at Dispatch Chicago

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BLUE was a very fun and playful show, the work was loose and enjoyable for the most part. Although being the first time actually inside of the space, I was taken aback by the layout and size of Dispatch, more dental office than art space, but who gives a damn these days, a space is a space. The work was a collection of styles and mediums, some better executed than others though all showed a high level of technical ability. I found that the installation by Karen Lange titled “Equilibrio de la Azul” was a beautiful gesture to tie the show together, but felt forced. A collection of different blue hued yarns draped from the window sections onto short spools of fabric on the windowsill with river stones along the bottom of each window. It wasn’t as organic as the materials or statement suggested.

I did enjoy Jennifer Cronin’s “Cavity” oil painting. It features a shrunken woman on a tile floor brushing her teeth. Technically it is awesome, painting that is fluent and easy to get into. It was displayed unusually high, making it a hard to see, but it was large enough to appreciate. Another standout and my favorite piece was Kelly Parsell’s “My Spanish Journal Revisited”. This small book was a hidden gem. The bold child-like crayon details contrasted the very smooth and elegant text on the ribbon bookmarks. Overall the show was good, not great, but definitely worth the time to check out.