Max Marshall

Max Marshall lives and works in Austin, Texas. He received his BFA in Photography from Texas State University in 2011.

“I examine the frictional space between the ways humans construct nature and how nature constructs itself. I work to illuminate these liminal spaces where artificial objects occupy the same realm as the natural world. The series explores man and nature’s inescapable tendency to interact.

For Natural Encounters, I used a 4 x 5 Toyo Field Camera and film. Lugging that big camera around allows you to decide which pictures are actually worth taking.  Many photographers take 1000’s of pictures and pick a select few from them later on down the road. Shooting with a large format camera makes you work in the opposite way. As far as whether a photograph should be in color or be B&W…that process is simple! If color is content in a photo, I’ll shoot in color. If a photograph is strengthened by the absence of color (for whatever reason: unity, tone, subject matter), I’ll shoot black and white.”