Studio Visit: Heidi Norton

Last Saturday, contributor Luan Barros visited Heidi Norton‘s studio to talk about her upcoming show “Reasons to Cut Into the Earth” at Johalla Projects. She discussed some of the featured work, which will be a mixture of projects completed at the ACRE residency and in her studio. She will also be showing a collaborative artist book, created by her and writer Monica Westin. Check out more of Heidi’s work here.

“In previous works Heidi uses prefabricated molds in a controlled studio environment to create geometric forms of wax and resin with plants embedded inside. In her new work, she take these traditional studio materials and cast them into the earth, layering plants and other life inside.” For more information please visit the Johalla Projects blog.

Opening Reception: Friday, February 10th, 2012 7-10PM

Johalla Projects is located at 1821 W. Hubbard Street, Suite 110, Chicago, Il 60622