Edie Fake

Edie Fake was born in Chicagoland in 1980. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2002 with a degree in film and has since clocked time in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Baltimore. His work has been exhibited both locally and internationally and his drawings have been included in Hot and Cold, LTTR, Creative Time Comics and the recent anthology, Gay Genius. He’s received a Critical Fierceness Grant for queer art and was one of the first recipients of Printed Matter’s Awards for Artists. Fake’s first collection of comics, Gaylord Phoenix, received the 2011 Ignatz award for Outstanding Graphic Novel. Currently, he lives in Chicago where he works as a zine sommelier for Quimby’s Books.

“Currently, I am working on two separate bodies of work simultaneously. In the realm of comics, I have been developing a new series called Ichor which is all small edition graphic short stories about sexuality. At the same time, I am also working on a new portfolio of drawings for my solo show later this year at Thomas Robertello Gallery. Although the presentation and format of these two bodies of work are vastly different, the process I go through is roughly the same. All of my drawings start with a cycle of gathering found objects- scraps, charms, trash, old books, sketches of architectural ornamentation, fabric and historical anecdotes. I basically assemble a nest of source material around me as I work- I like the alchemy that can happen inside a big, physical mess. The drawings are all problem solving, trying to convey an organized message that still can be complex and contradictory, that in part embodies all the various resources I drew from. I’ve got a good sense of when things are finished, and usually my projects will reveal something to me  right as I reach the end – a new direction to head – so although I consider some things to be “finished” it really just keeps on going.”