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I came into the gallery rushing from work and looking for a bathroom, after taking a piss grabbing some wine I settled into an awesome painting show. The high ceilings and wide open layout at Zolla/Lieberman held the work well although the paintings seemed to be hung really low. This kept bothering me throughout the evening. Also, the addition of 3 canvases in the storage area of the gallery was unnecessary. I couldn’t figure out what their role was besides being additional paintings crammed into the show. The work was mostly abstract with a few loose figure paintings mixed in.

The overall feel of the work seemed to me very post-grad-school, it was clean and professional, but empty of feeling sometimes, (take that as you may). The large abstract works of Mario Romano resembled floor plans, the colors and line grounded the imposing canvases while still maintaining a light quality. I also really liked the ghostly gestural paintings of Carly Silverman. The loose brush strokes combined with the soft pallet were really nice. They reminded me of washy under paintings that were too delicate to keep building up, definitely my favorites.

I was into the show enough that I decided to read the artist statements. This is something I hardly ever do because 90% of the time I’m either not interested or they are complete bullshit. This time was no exception. A lot of the statements seemed way to wordy and undecipherable, not what I expected from a recent MFA graduate. But then again, who reads that stuff anyways, besides people who don’t get the work in the first place. While most of the works were abstract, I did feel like I knew what was going on after some time, it was a gallery filled with hopes and aspirations for the artist who are now out of school and into the lion’s den, they were painting and making it work. I highly recommend this show and I look forward to seeing more of these artists.

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  1. Kristi O'Meara

    This is my favorite review yet feature on Make Space! So entertaining, honest and on point. I’m excited to read what comes next!