Brittany Ransom

Brittany Ransom, originally from Lima, Ohio, is an artist and educator currently based in Chicago. She received her MFA with a focus in New Media Art from the University of Illinois at Chicago in May 2011. Brittany is a College Art Association Fellow (2011), a two-time recipient of the Lincoln Fellowship (2010, 2011), and the Provost Award recipient at UIC (2011). She “creates interactive installations, electronic art objects, and site-specific interventions that strive to probe the line between human, animal, and environmental relations while exploring emergent technologies.” Brittany shares her project, Partnered: We Are All Pests, with us.

“My work in many cases is a conglomeration of two types of spaces. One for humans, and one for the animal / insect society that I am uninvitedly collaborating with and a space for two unlikely groups to come together. From concept to execution I am constantly considering how my installations and sculpture will function as both conceptual spaces for humans and functional spaces for my “collaborators”. Often my work invites the viewer to experience a visual and auditory realm controlled by other species to create a conversation that explores the relationship between our progressive society and our understanding of the natural world and what we might be able to learn from creatures that are often disregarded as undesirable.”

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