Review: The Ungovernables

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To be completely honest, I’ve been doing a terrible job with these reviews. I have been in a tornado like vortex of to-do lists, including applying to MFA programs, doing commission work and trying to be a good parent for THOR, our new pup. Now that you know these random things going on … last week I was in New York fulfilling my obligatory yearly self-imposed art overload. In the middle of attending the Whitney, Volta, Armory shows and other random assortment of places, I was most moved by the “The Ungovernables” exhibition at the New Museum.

This show was awesome and I spent a really long time looking at all the work and experiencing the space. They were the most welcoming white walls I had seen in a long time. All of the pieces felt extremely special, as if they all were good friends hanging out. An obviously great job organizing the show by Eungie Joo. A few standout pieces include Adrián Villar Rojas gigantic concrete sculpture, “A Person Loved Me”. This amalgam of spaceship, gundam, crumbling goliath stood tall and direct center of the 3rd floor of the museum. Despite its size, the superstructure showed signs of heavy deterioration and age as if over thousands of years old.


Another great work was the video piece by Hassan Khan, “Jewel”. So damn funny and enjoyable. The piece featured 2 males dancing, the room they are in is sparsely decorated by a light fixture, but the simple, awkward movements fill the space. Super funky and definitely worth watching twice. My favorite piece had to be a painting by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye. They had such a presence and were filled with complex colors and an easiness that made them glow. The application of the paint seemed effortless and confident. I couldn’t stop thinking about this pieces, still can’t.

The rest of the show was great. Having the fortune of seeing Julia Dault’s pieces in person was an awesome experience. I had just run across the pieces online a few months before online. The strapping and banding of the materials was great. The colors in the work are outstandingly bright, glossy, and pretty much, just plain sexy. If I lived in New York City I would go back at least twice, in the meantime enjoy the pictures. The show is open until April 22, 2012 at the New Museum.