Dhehee Lee

Dhehee Lee studied business at the University of Toronto initially to please his parents, but he knew he belonged in the arts. He was drawn to art’s freedom of expression and problem solving. Thus, he enrolled in The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2009, where he have been forging my own personal vision in abstract painting.

I explore the differences between vertical and horizontal formats and among various scales, scaling down my large work to a small size that introduced me to a “diary” approach; personal memories of my Korean background emerged as a source.

I explore Asian atmospheric landscape painting and the important tradition of the spontaneous mark to understand the history of the calligraphic mark in New York Abstract Expressionism. I want to reinvent a contemporary vision inspired by and translated into images for the 21st century. I am inspired by the great Chinese classic, The Tao of Painting, by Mai-Mai Sze, which will help me synthesize East-West traditions in my quest for a new pictorial vocabulary. Ultimately, I am interested in forging an abstract pictorial landscape in which anything can be included and which possesses its own logic. Art has no limitations or definitions; it does not require a right or wrong conclusion. Using individual creativeness, imagination, and emotions, it is possible to constantly offer new perspectives. Creating art is not only my passion; it also enables me to inspire others, motivating them to embrace their potential to invent innovative images and products and insightful perspectives.

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