Noah Furman

Noah Furman is a Chicago-based artist working in painting, drawing, sculpture and performance. He has exhibited at The Hills Esthetic Center, Roxaboxen Exhibitions, and  Knock Knock Gallery. He is also a member of the performance collective “Husband”. He will be pursuing his MFA at Hunter College in 2013. Do and Understand: Recent Works by Noah Furman opens at The Plaines Project on June 8th, 2012. 

“I am interested in the relationships between seemingly unrelated elements on a planar surface, as the paintings become more a list of moves, an index of possible ways of being. Much like surreal poetry and automatic writing, the paintings are collections of separate elements that defy a rational or syntactical meaning, but look to create an alternate system of logic outside of a traditional legible vernacular. Reading something that does not follow a traditional model of syntax or linguistic logic calls for a different type of attention, one that does not simply expect or anticipate the way things typically work to create meaning, but instead imposes a focus on separate qualities of words. The work is intent on not synthesizing itself and on remaining a collection of loosely connected painterly moves, calling for this kind of attention and activity from the viewer, the gallery space becoming a space of meaning-making by the audience, active in their interpretation rather than being bystanders. These interactions take place within the space of each work as well as in the space in which the paintings are hung, as the works reverberate off one another, the connections between them at various points engaged and negated, as formal elements reinforcing the rectangular space of each surface recur from painting to painting. Here the content is something that is arrived at not only by looking, but by thinking about how it is we look.”