“TOO MANY PLACES AND TIMES TO REMEMBER” New Book by Trevor Powers and Ginevra Shay

I recently received an e-mail from Trevor Powers, who we’ve previously featured on Make Space, that announced his new collaborative book with Ginevra Shay. Check it out below and show your support!


Ginevra Shay and Trevor Powers are excited to announce the release of our book, TOO MANY PLACES AND TIMES TO REMEMBER.

“Over the past 5 years Ginevra and I have traveled together and photographed extensively throughout the southeastern United States. This book brings together photographs from our trips and selections from shared journals we’ve mailed back and forth to one another.”

To view more pictures from the book / to purchase click here.

‘Whataburger’ by Trevor Powers
‘Biloxi Tree’ by Ginevra Shay

Please show your support by purchasing the book during our pre-order sale!

If you order before June 30th you will receive a limited edition 8×10″ photograph by either myself or Ginevra.

The book is 8.5×11″, soft cover, full color, full bleed, 80 pages and a first edition of 50 copies.

$35 includes the book + 8×10″ photograph + shipping. (INTL is $38) BUY THE BOOK HERE!