The Birth of The Patternbase + Their Upcoming Publication

After two months of hard work slaving away in Photoshop, developing rewards, and overcoming stage fright jitters, The PatternBase has launched a Kick Stater to help fund their upcoming publication, PATTERNBASE: A Book of Contemporary Textile + Surface Design!

A little over a year ago, I discovered the wonder that is Tumblr and thought it would be a great place to build an archive of inspirational images to refer to within my own work. Starting out, I had no idea how to upload images, include tags or links, or customize themes- and I basically dumped half of my iPhoto archive into the vacant womb of The PatternBase Tumblr, before realizing the perks of a queue. After a few weeks I started to grab hold on how the site worked within the Tumblr community and realized that when used properly it was an amazing way to connect with so many different kinds of people.

Since that very first post which happened just over a year ago, The PatternBase been placed in Tumblr’s ‘Design Spotlight’ and has gained over 11,000 followers. Since our audience was growing so rapidly, we decided to build a more interactive website at where our audience could go to learn about the art and industry of textile & surface design, enjoy interviews and discussions with current and upcoming designers, and participate in many creative projects.

Our current project is a publication titled, PATTERNBASE: A Book of Contemporary Textile & Surface Design. It will the first publication to be self-released by The PatternBase. This book will contain 250 full-color pages and showcase a collection of textile, surface and print designs from contemporary artists and designers around the globe. It will also include spotlights and interviews from individuals and small businesses working within the textile and fashion industries today.

As with most large ideas that are pursued by small groups and individuals, this project relies on outside support to become fully realized. We have 4 days left of our campaign, and are over 94% of the way to our goal!!! During the tail end of this campaign, we need you help to spread the word about the project in order to reach our target.

Please endorse the publication of this book and share it with your peers, friends and family; every donation is immensely appreciated and will help turn an idea into a reality. YOUR involvement, however small or large, will be a priceless contribution to its success and will help many contemporary designers have their work published.

To become a supporter, please follow and share this link: