Andreas Ervik

Andreas Ervik (born 1987). Based in Oslo, Norway, with a bachelor degree in Aesthetic Studies from the University of Oslo. Currently studying for a Masters in Aesthetics.

“The .jpg is my medium, since all I make is finally compressed into this format, before it is distributed to a wider audience than I will ever physically reach. My artwork incorporates elements of found objects, photography and collage. I like to think of my collage work as digital permutations; rearrangements of objects, textures and shapes I’ve created or found.”

Current fields of research include the virtual: web surfing, new age capitalism and healthy lifestyle propaganda, as well as natural elements: clouds, bacteria, moss, fungi, water, rocks and crystals. I find inspiration in the mundane: everyday boredom and Donald Duck comics, as well as the mysterious: meditation and the hypnagogic sleep phase.”