Louis Little

Louis Little (b. 1988), lives and works in Brighton and London, UK. louislittle.tumblr.com 

“Working primarily in self-published book form, Louis’ work seeks to explore the state of flux encountered throughout contemporary young adulthood through the use of 35mm and medium format photography. By reacting to his surroundings, Louis hopes to pinpoint this abstract theme through the use of certain motifs, such as a floral arrangement in a shop display or the interwoven fabric of a flag, illustrated by still lifes, portraits, and landscapes encountered on a day-to-day basis. In an attempt to guide the viewer through life’s often chaotic and ever-changing narrative his book-works are made up of sequenced imagery that reflects on the nature of human relationships and the environment we occupy that acts as life’s continual backdrop.

Having spent a great deal of time photographing in the rural parts of Norfolk, Devon, and Cornwall, the surrounding countryside has had a deep impact on Louis’ photographic work. In contrast to this rural lifestyle, Louis also hopes to capture the energetic and chaotic experiences of living and working in Brighton & London. By combining these two elements together, it is his intention to piece together the fragments of contemporary life in order to create a larger tapestry of photographic work communicating a visual language that is both bold and complex.”