Nick Bastis

Nick Bastis, born in New York, currently lives and works in Chicago, IL. He is pursuing an MFA at the University of Chicago, class of 2013. He is also a member of the band Ice Verld. Nick is participating in the ACRE residency this summer. Make Space will follow up with him to discuss his residency experience later on this year.

“Someone recently told me that my work might be about language and sentience. I may prefer grammar and an endowment with life. Unconscious, but living. Like a plant. Yes, maybe my objects are like plants. Maybe they’re grown by Monsanto. Maybe they just feel like plants, but taste like air. Or water. Maybe my work is celery. Or seltzer.

But what does this all feel like? I surely don’t want it to look like it sounds. Does it look like it feels? It feels like Moby Dick is of a multiple. Their whiteness is like Svedka’s Bots, but they’re not; these whales are Russian.

I am interested in lack, in blankness, but not because I think things are empty. An interest in the common is different than pointing towards the mundane. Life can already be mundane, and I don’t want my work to be. Blankness makes room for you. There are already so many things that tell us what they are. My sculpture practice aims to mutate the the stability of discrete and familiar materials and objects, allowing them to gather. A kiosk that does not work can again be seen as a kiosk, as a mediator for bodies and for knowledge, rather than just an intermediary, a thing who’s head we look past to obtain what it is in service of.”