Artist Playlist: Emily Nachison


Download Emily’s Slow Summer Mix here!

01. I’ll Be Here In the Morning/ Townes Van Zandt
02. In The Northern Sun/ Buffy Saint Marie
03. Hammond Song/ The Roches
04. Waitin’ Around To Die/ Townes Van Zandt
05. Amazing Grace/ Walker and Jay
06. Lady Bird/ Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood
07. Sugar Town/ Nancy Sinatra
08. Can’t Seem to Make You Mine/ The Seeds
09. I’m Only Dreaming/ The Small Faces
10. Over the Flats/ Marc Bolan
11. Smells Like Teen Spirit Cover/ Patti Smith
12. Song Against Sex/ Neutral Milk Hotel
13. I Will Walk 500 Miles/ The Proclaimers
14. California Girls/ The Magnetic Fields
15. Carried Away/ Television
16. Home/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros