Patrick Costello

Patrick Costello does a whole variety of artsy-fartsy stuff. He also grows vegetables, preserves food, rides his bike, and eats lots of greens. Lacinato Kale and Rainbow Swiss Chard are his favorites. He claims Charlottesville, Virginia, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, as his hometown. Currently enjoying a more transient life, he has no address to call his own. His art is inspired by geometric quilts and textile patterns, planting seeds, and canning food.

Patrick went to school at the University of Virginia. He has apprenticed with the Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont and the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. His work has been shown internationally, including at Space 1026 in Philadelphia, PA, Trance Pop Gallery in Kyoto, Japan, and Booklyn Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. This summer he completed a residency at ACRE in Wisconsin!

“As part of my livelihood for the past three years, I have been helping people grow food.  I dig in the earth, pull weeds, kill pests, and watch as the gardens that I help build and maintain grow to maturity and bear fruit.  Then I can and preserve the harvest, storing all of that condensed solar energy into small cylindrical jars.  It is basic work that has been done for generations.  And it is work that reminds me of Whitman’s multitudes, Southern craft traditions, and of the complexities found in the world outside. With that as a backdrop, most of my artwork represents a continuing exploration of our relationship to the environment.”

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