Katie Hargrave

Katie Hargrave is from Chicago, and she currently lives and works in Minneapolis. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa in Intermedia and an MA from Brandeis University in Cultural Production. Katie completed a summer residency at ACRE this year.

“As an artist and activist I use community-oriented research to investigate the creation of mythologies, the historical record, and the landscape. I make my research visible by creating artwork that allows various, sometimes conflicting, perspectives to come into contact. Americans have forged a historical record that continues to live in the everyday experiences of this country–in landmarks, place names, policy decisions, museum displays, and most importantly in the stories we tell and the stories told about us. They are true and fictitious, visible and invisible, made and maintained. They are specific reflections of traditional American patriotic desires and fears, possibilities and impossibilities, failures and successes. These stories are affected by the underbelly, as those who fail to fit within the mold create moments of friction.I work with and investigate these stories to make them known, put them in context, and question their unstated place in our understanding of history.

My methodology is one of juxtaposition. In the interest of creating a material library which viewers can unpack, I present a variety of narratives and sources alongside each other. The outcome of my research varies in every project, including fiber, performance, printed matter, installation, sound, and video. My projects create an intensely crowded mental and visual field, where the viewer is asked to unwind a puzzle and realize her place as an actor in complicated national histories and present day systems. Rather than simply observing, the viewer is asked to write her part of the story. In doing so, the viewer reveals other stories, uncovers fictions, and begins to realized that the construction of history is made up of precious fragments.”

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