Angeles Cossio

Angeles Cossio works in an ever-expanding variety of media and disciplines that range from photography and video to curatorial work and set design. She is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she co-runs Drift Station, an artist-run space with her partner Jeff Thompson. Her work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at the Sheldon Museum of Art, Access Arts, and at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. She has completed residencies at ACRE and The Land.

“In recent work, I have been drawn to visual disruptions and inversions that call into question the nature of observation and the camera’s ability to convey reality. The works hint and tease at but never deliver a fully realized image, and are meant to frustrate and entice the viewer. In this particular body of work, I am capturing images from a pre-existing network of webcams on mountaintop observatories, either at night or during a weather event such as fog or snow that obscures the lens in some way. The geographic placement, direction of view, and framing of the webcams are pre-determined, giving away partial control over the image. The very act of hiding and blocking can be transformative and it is in this place of disruption that I am seeking my imagery.”