Kate Hampel

Self-Portrait: Lying
It’s easier if you don’t talk

Kate Hampel holds an MFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal, where she is from. Her work is interdisciplinary, ranging from embroidery to video, and is concerned with gender, power, and taboo. Currently based in Chicago, she will be in Richmond, VA for the 2012-13 academic year as a Fountainhead Fellow at Virginia Commonwealth University. Kate completed a summer residency at ACRE this year.


Them all at once (but not you)

Kate on her work: “Addressing the unvoiced traumas implicit in our social contracts, my work aims at the connection between our own lives and the fascinating and repellent horrors we read of in the news. These pieces insist on discussing this unresolved tension by enlarging it, implicating the audience and forcing their acknowledgement. Examining post-feminist theory through the lens of the productively perverse, my work functions in the overlapping areas of sexuality, gender, and hegemony—topics that remain of the utmost relevance despite generational apathy.”

Wish List ii
Petit Ah