Steven Vainberg

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Steven Vainberg attended Tyler School of Art where he received my BFA in Sculpture.

During and after my undergraduate studies I was heavily involved in the Philadelphia Punk-Hardcore scene. I book and run shows, and was also in the Hardcore outfit BRAINDEAD. We had released several records and toured the U.S extensively. Also did a brief tour in Canada. After ending BRAINDEAD, in 2010 I lived in in Jerusalem, Israel doing Jewish Studies at Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies. Afterward, in 2011, I started my Post-Baccalaureate studies in painting at SAIC and am now stepping into the 2012-14 MFA painting program at SAIC.” Steven completed a summer residency at ACRE this year.

“Using familiar colors, shapes, and symbols to create and interact with a viewers visual intuition. Exploring a viewer’s relationship to nationalism and their own associations with such emotions. This has been a new trajectory from my previous work which predominately focused on the symbols and images that exist in niche subcultures like punk rock which use a similar yet more degraded aesthetic and visual lexicon. At ACRE, without making promises, I will attempt to write a manifesto / design a flag that represents the space and time that is ACRE. With this, I will an attempt to separate  this moment and space from the rest of culture and make it it’s own individual entity designated by a specific icon/symbol that will act as a representative for ACRE.”

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