Georgia Wall

Georgia Wall lives and works in New York City. She received her BA from Oberlin College is 2008 and her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2011. She shows with Skylight Projects Gallery in New York City. This past summer we met Georgia at ACRE, where she completed a residency. We will follow up with her later on to talk about her practice and residency experience.

“August 3, 2012: My favorite activity is taking ‘ancient walks’ with my two best friends and talking about feelings. I feel very much like a woman and I make work that usually uses my body. That is not to say my body is in the work but I think that is where it starts, in my brain and my thighs, which are very bulky from all the walking and talking I do. (My entire life I have confused the spelling of the words women and woman. I never know if I am using the correct one.) August 5, 2012: I consider seeing from a corner, from behind a lamp, through a crowd. August 6, 2012: I put my hand (up on your) here and there and here. You feel this and that and this and that. Hips, hands and two rooms. August 8, 2012: My life is the fucking context you fuckin fuck. August 4, 2012: “I have so many intentions. I know that I will attend to some more rigorously than others but still catch myself worrying about unevenness. Is this a starting place for making work, or is it just part of identifying as working? Some of my intentions will get played out in the studio, some I will act on somewhere else, whether or not I post notice, or write about it at all.” Sarah Mendelsohn September 19, 2012: In parts we find imagined wholes and in holes I find parts.”

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