Sarah Mosk

Sarah Mosk was raised in the suburbs of Chicago and received her BFA from Northern Illinois University.  She now lives and in Chicago. Her work has exhibited internationally and in Chicago with Harold Arts at the Midway Art Fair, Western Exhibitions, Ben Russell, Andrew Rafacz Gallery, Roxaboxen, and Nudashank in Baltimore. She has recently shown with Double Break in San Diego CA and Loft 594 in Brooklyn NY. Her new collage design and  collaboration for Chicago’s band Mayor Daley will show with ACRE at the Nada Fair in Miami.

Sarah Mosk’s work is found somewhere in between a vague nod to the past and an elusive moment in the present. She gathers images from distant places that reference a faint familiarity while simultaneously offering a portal to a new world. Repositioning elements with radiant light, deep shadows and vivid color she creates enigmatic atmosphere through collage and video. Through an extensive archive of collected images she builds compositions that allude to a dream like state or a snapshot of a fragmented memory. This summer, Sarah Mosk was a resident at ACRE in Stueben, WI. Check out her work at her ACRE exhibition with Bryan Lear, The Distance Inward, which opens at the Hills Esthetic Center. 

THE DISTANCE INWARD Embracing manipulated photographic appropriation, Sarah Mosk and Bryan Lear present a series of images that both reveal and obscure the materiality, meaning and sources of their images. These works repurpose a variety of lush image surfaces to invent poetic metaphysical sensations and spaces in the form of collage and print.