Designers Jeannine Han and Dan Riley have produced a line of textiles and wearable separates called SUBJECT—OBJECT. Jeannine Han and Dan Riley have partnered together before, with Textile Design for a Nomad, an experimental line with fabric that doubles as an instrument. SUBJECT—OBJECT explores the boundaries between fashion and art. All of the works are custom designed with textile materials on industrial machines. The designs are constructed with traditional techniques such as weaving, knitting, printing, and hand painting. The line features a myriad of unique pieces: knitted hoodies, hand painted dresses, shirts, pants and gloves. One of my favorites, the hand painted dress, drapes beautifully and is harmonized by the fluid, organic shapes of yellow, blue, and orange. The highly detailed and contrasted red and blue jacquard knit pattern on the Lenticular Hoody gives movement, a 3D quality, and metalizes the surface.

SUBJECT—OBJECT confronts fashion as a disposable object, with its commercial draw and seasonal, changeable lines. The line looks to temper the extreme changeability in the fashion world with the resilience present within’ art’s history by mixing traditional techniques and patterns with modern silhouettes and patterns.