Michael Milano

Michael Milano is an artist living and working in Chicago. He received an MFA from the Fiber and Material Studies department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a BA in Humanities from Shimer College. He has shown at Roots & Culture, threewalls, Peregrine Program, Adds Donna, and the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art. He will be a resident at ACRE this summer, is currently included in threewalls’ Community Supported Art program, and recently co-curated the exhibition duckrabbit with Jeff M. Ward at Adds Donna. He has also co-taught classes at Ox-Bow and facilitated an early Greek literature study group at the artist collective/study/gallery Adds Donna.

“Deeply inspired by axiomatic systems, formal logic, conceptual art, and traditional craft processes, my practice attempts to work out every possibility within a given set of parameters. Given five colors, how many ways are there to combine them in one, two, three, four, or five horizontal lines? Taking the form of two-dimensional drawings and pieced fabric collages, books, sound, video, or three-dimensional floor installations, my work aims to exhaust every possibility within a finite system, in order to demonstrate that while the possibilities are not infinite, they need not be few.”

change ringing (score), 2012. [2:27:02]