“Seeking to occupy the space between input and output, PUTPUT explores the duality of objects and situations associated with everyday life, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

PUTPUT is an interdisciplinary artist collective founded by Stefan Friedli and Ulrik Martin Larsen in 2011. Currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Swiss/Danish artist duo makes work that engages with contemporary photography, sculpture, and design. PUTPUT aims to capture the unnoticeable nuances of the everyday through creating highly stylized, staged scenarios and tableaus that underline a metaphysical relationship to the material world. Through a contemporary lens that references and employs tactics of design, their work reinterprets classical genres, such as still life, in order to question the purpose, context, and expression of everyday objects and situations.

On Fitting “…we wanted to play with the structure of furniture, trying to replace integral structural components with things that have a more perishable nature or fleeting existence. We find the juxtaposition of something fragile in combination with sturdy and stereotypical pieces of furniture quite interesting.” On Pretext “…the focus is on building characters, personalities and narratives through the use of inanimate objects in different combinations. The objects achieve a somewhat misleading appearance; simulating identities intended to conceal or transform the original intent.”