Caroline Paquita

Caroline Paquita is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, her work is highly influenced by her colorful tropical upbringing, queer and feminist sassy sensibilities, social change through seemingly crude humor, and the concept of “ridiculousities.” In 2011, after self-publishing for over fifteen years, she began Pegacorn Press, a small publishing house that uses Risograph stencil duplicators for production. So far, twenty-one publications have been officially released of both Paquita’s work and of other artists that she has collaborated with. When not working on publishing projects, Paquita focuses on learning new techniques, drawing, sewing, beekeeping and exploring on her bicycle.
Caroline’s work will be exhibited in Another World at the New Orleans Community Printshop, which will feature “the fantastical worlds of hand printed zines, mini-comics, and self-published books.” The show is up from September 13th until October 4th, 2014. In addition, Womanimalistic #3 will be included in Fanatagraphics, Treasury of Mini Comics, Volume 2, which is slated for release in early 2015. She has also illustrated work specifically for Cicada Magazine that will be published sometime this fall and is tabling at Comic Arts Brooklyn on November 8th. She is working on the next yearly Paquita calendar, another issue of Womanimalistic and other publishing projects with her friends. She is trying to start some new paintings, teach herself torch fired enameling, make clothes and slowly work on some larger sculptural pieces