Megan Taylor Noe

Megan Taylor Noe likes dark things. Her sculptures and photographs express a fascination with morbidity and explore the mutability of objects and the transience of time. The genesis of this work produced her first book, Black Sun, which was published by Oranbeg Press in early 2014. Her work has recently been exhibited in Brooklyn in Mute Annotations at Bad News, in Chicago at Cardinal Cross—a guerrilla exhibition in the Back of the Yards warehouse district – and in Reliquary at The University of Saint Francis Gallery in Joliet, IL. Meg is also the Associate Director of Terrain Exhibitions in Oak Park, Illinois and the curator at David Weinberg Photography in Chicago, Illinois.

You can still check out Meg Noe’s work in Mute Annotations at Bad News at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn, NY (70 N. 6th St.). She will also have work in 11:11, a screening at Kitchen Space Gallery in Chicago, IL this weekend, September 27-28, 2014.

Black Sun is a project aimed at creating a visual index of my own necromancy. I collect and produce images and objects that harmonize with morbid curiosities to develop a catalog of forbidden longing. These objects and images range from archetypal to mute annotations, the signifiers of culture and how culture has woven and worn upon me. In traversing the landscape, my neighborhood, the cemetery, the internet, the library, I find where my heart is pulled by death, desire, loss, and mortality. The process becomes performative, the archive becomes alive with ritual as I anoint objects on a stage in front of the camera lens. In my work, I am fascinated by and continue to examine death as cliché (and as kitsch), the aesthetics of contemporary memorial practices under capitalism, and the last remaining threads of the Victorian era’s beautiful, feminine death.”