Top 10 Features of 2014

Since starting this project four years ago (December 25th) we have worked with amazing collaborators, artists, organizers, and just really great people. Our community has expanded and over the years genuine friendships have formed, yet our goal is still the same – to support awesome people doing awesome things. This year, we organized two shows are ACRE Projects–ROUNDS (Michael Milano, Alyssa Moxley, and Milad Mozari) and Futile Divide (Cory Imig and Wolfie E. Rawk). We also visited many studios across the country, connected with new artists and cultural producers, and enjoyed thoughtful dialogues along the way.

This coming year, we aim to strengthen these friendships and connections through new programming and writing, as well as collaborations with artist-organizers from across the country. Our priority is working and collaborating with artists in meaningful ways and we are excited to see what this new year brings. Thank you for your support and Happy New Year!

1. Studio Visit: Mike Taylor

2. Other Investigations: Ginevra Shay

Other Investigations: Ginevra Shay

3. Other Investigations: Heeran Lee


4. Matt Austin

"From Downtown (We Got This)" installtion by Matt Austin and Jeff Austin at MCA Chicago

5. Noël Morical

Noël Morical

6. Studio Visit: Sarah and Joseph Belknap


7. Studio Visit: Liz Ensz

thank you bag

8. Artists on Ferguson and Social Responsibility


9. Megan Taylor Noe

Meg Noe

10. Lauren Taylor