Make Space is proud to be part of the 2014 + 2015 ACRE Curatorial Board

ACRE Curatorial Board 2014

In 2014, Make Space organized two exhibitions at the ACRE Projects gallery in Pilsen, Chicago. From out of over 75 artists who were at the residency this summer, we only got to work with five! Needless to say, the selection process was tough. For 2014, ACRE worked with twelve partner galleries and six curators. Artists are divided amongst the galleries through a draft process in which galleries and curators submit a list of ten artists they’d like to work with. Based on the order selections are submitted and process of elimination, each gallery and curator ends up with four artists (or artist collaboratives) from which they organize exhibitions.

In the summer of 2013, Make Space traveled to Steuben, Wisconsin and conducted over 14 studio visits in a three day period with the residents from the first session. You can learn more about the ACRE Residency structure on their website! 

LISTEN: Audio remix of highlights, studio visits, and sounds throughout the three-day visit:

Audio: Kristina FelixWolfie E. RawkMilad MozariKate RuggeriDavid RueterMacon ReedAlice ChancePhilip PetersSarah WeberMeghan Grubb, ACRE kitchen

*Not all artists we visited made it into the audio mix because of various technical problems. Please make sure to check out Carlie TrosclairCharlotte WoolfDao Nguyen, Kimberly Kim, Rachael Starbuck, and Vincent Tiley.