Matthew Cox


Matthew Cox is a Philadelphia-based artist who embraces and joins a variety of media to produce several thematic series of work. Medical x-rays and

Eduardo Velázquez


Dominican and New Yorker artist Eduardo Velázquez (b.1986, Eduardo Shlomo Boleyn Velázquez; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) is a painter and

Dhehee Lee


Dhehee Lee studied business at the University of Toronto initially to please his parents, but he knew he belonged in the arts. He was drawn to art’s

Amanda McCavour

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Amanda McCavour holds a BFA from York University where she studied drawing and installation. Since graduating in 2007, she has participated in

Charlotte Linton


Charlotte Linton has released her new Autumn/Winter 2012 line: GREENLAND! This season, Charlotte’s fictional muse Ermantrude follows in

Emma Lundgren


Emma Lundgren is a Textile designer from Sweden. Her earliest memories were of her grandparents in the countryside, teaching her to knit, embroider

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