Filter Staff

Lynnette Miranda

FOUNDER + CO-DIRECTOR Lynnette Miranda approaches her practice from the perspective of an artist—questioning and challenging established

Etta Sandry

CO-DIRECTOR Etta Sandry is a Brooklyn-based artist, educator, and organizer from the midwest. Her work focuses on translating symbolic imagery such as

Kathy Cho

CO-DIRECTOR Kathy Cho is an artist and collaborator currently based in Philadelphia, PA. Her artistic and collaborative practices always consider

Jason Judd

Jason Judd is a curator at University Galleries of Illinois State University as well as Art Editor for Bite Magazine (online, non-profit project). He

Audrey Victoria Keiffer

Audrey Victoria Keiffer is an interdisciplinary artist and textile designer based out of Chicago, IL. She is the Co-founder, Co-director and Designer

Dianne Loftis

Dianne Loftis is a recent art history graduate, wannabe polyglot, and hopeful curator.

Kristi O’Meara

Kristi O’Meara is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, and author living and working in Chicago, Illinois. She is the co-founder and

Kelly Parsell

Kelly Parsell constructs whimsical atmospheres rich in nostalgia for a past shared by her generation and gender, but also tinged with unexpected

Trevor Powers

Trevor Powers (b. 1985, Burlington, VT) is a visual artist living and working in western Massachusetts whose practice is centered around and informed