Lorenzo Nanni


Lorenzo Nanni is a textile artist living and working in Paris. His handmade fiber sculptures are inspired by organic matter and living forms. He

Annie Larson


Annie Larson was born in Seoul in 1983 and raised in rural Wisconsin. She studied at the College of Human Ecology at the University of Minnesota in

Chiara No


Chiara No is a Baltimore artist who currently lives and works in Chicago, IL. She is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of

Gillian Tobin

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Gillian Tobin received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2009. Her work is an investigation

Liz McCarthy


Liz McCarthy is an artist based out of the Pilsen neighborhood, born in Virginia Beach, raised in the Chicago suburbs. She moved to Chicago two years

Jessica Bell


Jessica Bell is a Canadian artist who works predominantly in collage and assemblage. She currently lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Kayla Mattes


Kayla Mattes was born in Southern California and moved all over the United States throughout her childhood. She currently lives and works in Los

Frances Trombly


Frances Trombly was born in Miami, Florida, where she lives and works. She received a BFA from the Maryland Institute’s College of Art and completed

Sam Jaffe


Sam Jaffe is a sculptor, painter, fiber, and installation artist currently living and working in Chicago, IL. She received her BFA from The Rhode

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