Angeles Cossio


Angeles Cossio works in an ever-expanding variety of media and disciplines that range from photography and video to curatorial work and set design.

Katie Hargrave


Katie Hargrave is from Chicago, and she currently lives and works in Minneapolis. She received her MFA from the University of Iowa in Intermedia and

Julie Potratz


Julie Potratz is a Chicago based artist whose practice is primarily focused upon performance, but also includes photography, video, sculpture, and

Alicia Chester


Alicia Chester is a Chicago-based artist, writer, and curator. She works with photography, film, and video and is interested in building creative

Jeff Austin


Jeff Austin, born in Hartford, CT, lives and works in Chicago, IL. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at SAIC with concentrations in

Eduardo Velázquez


Dominican and New Yorker artist Eduardo Velázquez (b.1986, Eduardo Shlomo Boleyn Velázquez; Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic) is a painter and

Zahid Jiwa


Zahid Jiwa is an A/V and Visual FX guru based out of Vancouver. He hails from the land of cracked driveways and dusty VCRs. He is influenced by the

Joshua Bienko

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New York native Joshua Bienko exposes the fetishistic nature of sports, music, and fashion through stylistically diverse drawings, paintings,

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